Our Community Leaders Agree!
Nuñez is the best choice for Milpitas!



Milpitas Community Organizations

Milpitas Police Officers Association

International Association of Firefighters Local 1699

Sole Endorsement, South Bay Labor Council

Milpitas Employees Association

Milpitas Professional and Technical Group

Milpitas Supervisors Association

Milpitas Community Leaders
Jose Esteves, Mayor

Debbie Indihar Giordano, Member, City Council

Marsha Grilli, Member, City Council

Bob Livengood, former Mayor of Milpitas

Peter McHugh, former Mayor of Milpitas and

former Santa Clara County Supervisor

Larry Ciardella, Planning Commissioner

Hon Lien, Planning Commissioner

Gunawan Alisantosa, Trustee, Milpitas Unified School District

Daniel Bobay, Trustee, Milpitas Unified School District

Danny Lau, Trustee, Milpitas Unified School District

Chris Norwood, Trustee, Milpitas Unified School District

Diana Orlando, Teacher, Milpitas Unified School District

Machelle Kessinger, Classified Employee, Milpitas Unified School District

Wendy Stegeman, PACT Chair, East Side Teachers Association, resident of Milpitas

Santa Clara County Community Leaders

Cindy Chavez, Supervisor District 2, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Carl Guardino, CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Kansen Chu, California Assemblymember, District 25

Van Le, Trustee, East Side Union High School District

Lan Nguyen, Trustee, East Side Union High School District

Pastor Jeff Moore, President, NAACP Silicon Valley

Victor Garza, Chair, La Raza Roundtable

Marisa Hanson, President, East Side Teachers Association

The Santa Clara County Republican Party

The Silicon Valley Chinese Association

“Let’s work together to keep Milpitas great”-Bob Nuñez

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